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About Yana
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Yana's full name is Fortuna Niks Yanti, she was born in Moscow on the 4th of September in 1998.

Her parents are Fortuna Niks Gesse Diana and Ampir.
We haven't ever been at Dog Shows, therefore we have no titles and ranks.
Our family took Yana by chance, in 1998 I did not know anything about the Dogo Argentino, I did not hear about it, and even I did not suppose that such dogs were in general. I quietly dreamed about skotch-ter'ere, and my husband refused all my shy proposals to have a dog: "Only through my dead body! No dogs!" And, when hope practically left me, he had phoned me to work, and said, that "surprise" was waiting for me at home. At home I found something  white and huge, and it did not look like skotch-terrier. On my question: "what is it?", my husband answered proudly, that it was the Dogo Argentino, and it was presented to him.
The former Yana’s owners had already rotveyler, and they had not forces for the second dog.

We're together already 8,5 years, certainly, for such long period we had everything.
Yanka gnawed and threw out my footwear from a balcony, she had eaten our sofa, in her first New Year she gnawed a half of the door, but all these facts are such little things and nonsense as compared to that enormous happiness and pleasure, which she gives us.


The training process passed easily for us, Yana is a very quick-witted girl, she devoured everything, so training lessons were a great pleasure to both of us, but the only thing Yana did not like - training in a group, in a 5 minutes of circle walking with a command “near” by a group she began to yawn, smell “flowers” and she shown by her behavior that she was bothered, so it was necessary to refuse from group lessons.


Yana lloves all members of our family, and  misses very much, if someone of  us leaves on work, or simply goes out for 20 minutes  to a shop, and she  is ready to follow our little daughter  Elizabeth every time & everywhere. 

Last year in the summer residence Yanka cought a thief, although nobody teaches her. A dishonest citizen was taken off from a fence by a dexterous motion, and he was fixed in position "face down" during 1,5 hour till our returning.
In a word, Yana is a wonderful dog, and now after 8,5 years I can not understand how I could dream about skotch-ter'e
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