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This breed is known by many designations. Argentinean Mastiff, Argentine Dogo, Dogo Argentina are some of the titles given to this dog. The official name is Dogo Argentino. It's categorized as a Mastiff breed used for hunting.
Dogo History
This breed originated in the province of Cordoba, in the central region of the Republic of Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. In 1928, his passion for dogs, (perhaps a family legacy), led him to set the bases and a standard for a new dog breed, which he named: Dogo Argentino. His work was based upon the crossbreeding of several pure breeds, starting with " old fighting dog from Cordoba ", a dog, which was very strong and vigorous. This local breed had been the product of the crossbreeding among Mastiffs, Bulldogs and Bull Terriers and was widely known and appreciated by fervent dogfight fans, a very popular activity at the time, which embraced all social classes.
The Dogo Argentino's reputation for aggression is greatly over exaggerated. If you've heard of this breed at all you will hear everything from "I can get my dog to pull down trees+" to "My dog just took on four other pit bulls and tore them apart+" You will also have heard horror stories on the media about how this dog (aside from many other breeds) is nothing but a vicious terrible monster that loves to tear apart people 'just because'. The truth is that any large dog must be treated with the proper respect and discipline if it is to be put in any social setting with humans or other pet type animals. The only problem with large dogs is the ignorance of the owner. Now, we are not stating that the Dogo can't be dangerous, what we are saying is that it is the owner who is mishandling the dog that creates dangerous behaviors and situations between a large dog and the general population. Practices such as guard dog conditioning (where a trainer teaches the animal to attack humans), frequent beatings, deprivation of affection, food, water or shelter (where the shelter is not appropriately large or clean enough), are all contributing factors to a dog displaying inappropriately aggressive behavior.
It is cheerful, frank, humble, friendly, and not a hard barker and always conscious of its power. It should never be aggressive, a trait that should be severely observed. Its domineering attitude makes it continuously compete for territory with specimens of the same sex, most noticeably in males. As a hunter, it is smart, silent, courageous and brave.  
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